Alpine Baptist Church

The Old Country Church

Bob & Marie Ford
Bearing Precious Seed
from Milford, Ohio to All the World

Brother Bob Ford and Bearing precious seed work together to publish scripture as a ministry of the First Baptist Church in Milford, Ohio. Since 1973, Bearing Precious Seed has printed over 132 million Scriptures and Scripture portions and distributed them to churches and missionaries all around the world.

  • Work with the local churches in the the publishing of scriptures
  • Distribute Gods word to the world
  • Raise funds for scriptures
  • Aiding missionaries on foreign fields
  • Teaching and training missionaries in preparation for the field

Jeremy & Kelley Holloway Family
from Boiling Springs, SC to South Sudan, Africa

Robbie & Jan Mullinax
from Greenville, SC to  The Bible Team to China and all of Asia

Our Burden:
According to recent estimates, less than 1% of the people in third-world countries have access to a Bible in their native language.  Even many modern industrialized nations have limited access to an entire Bible in their own language.

The goal of our ministry through the establishment of The Bible Team is to partner with churches, pastors, fundamental mission boards and Christian individuals to print, purchase and distribute Bibles in areas of great need. 

Partnering with the Bible Team:
You can help Christians and house churches throughout parts of ASIA and the "10/40 window" that are starving for God's Word.  They need our help.  The network of Bible couriers is in place right now to deliver Bibles to remote areas of the world where they are desperately needed.  I deliver Bibles and study materials to strategic drop-off points within countries that may be closed to the Gospel and work through National Pastors and underground Church Leaders.

Not able to Travel? You Can Help Too!:

1. PRAY - pray for our safety and that we will be INVISIBLE
2. GIVE - you can have part in a World-wide ministry
                $5.00 helps print and ship 1 Bible
                $300.00 helps print and ship 1 case of Bibles

"How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!"   Romans 10:15b